Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Learning EVERY day! :))))

Happy Wednesday SS4YL!

I know there is PURPOSE here for You and I! We are all suppose to be here! We have vowed to be a part of something 'bigger' then ourselves! We have Compassion! We have universal LOVE! We live in Unity! We Walk in our Destiny! We Awaken to our Purpose! The masks are coming off! We see clear! We recognize OUR Power! We Embrace our power with GREAT joy!

We Wake Up! We are Awoke! We Rise & Shine! We are Alert! We are Energized!


Peace & Positivity!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy wednesday SS4YL!

Dare to DREAM!
Dare to LIVE!
Dare to EXPLORE!
Dare to BELIEVE!
Dare to WIN!
Dare to PROCEED!
Dare to LOVE!


Peace & Positivity!


Monday, August 5, 2013

I know I've been changed!

Happy Monday SS4YL!

I hope it is a great one, so far! Today, I just want to share that I am still holding on! I had to get that out because I need to remind myself of that sometimes!

Since, I have been on my spiritual past, I have been faced with many challenges. I lost my car, relationship stinks, children in limbo, career uncertain, friends all gone, family stress too, bills always due! However, I have also been learning, growing, listening, seeking, observing, and teaching. This has been a roller coaster of a ride! But, hey, it would not be life!

If we knew all the answers, the right roads to always travel, why would we need The Creator! Therefore, instead of getting caught up in the faults, blames, and road blocks, FOCUS on the smooth paths, the light days...the Sundays, the blessings, that are in front of us on a daily basis!

Exercise time: ( our 1st assignment) For the next 7 days, let's make a promise to ourselves, to be grateful for one thing/blessing each day and give thanks for it! We can say "thank you" out loud, write it down, or simply smile! Let's GO!

Life, is SO much better when we focus on the positive! So, for the next 7 days lets do just that!
I am SO excited! Preparing for GREATER!

Peace & Positivity!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Happy Tuesday SS4YL!

I would like to share another poem......leave me your thoughts!

Sleepless nights, wondering and longing,
Trying to discover the answers and the reasons for belonging.
Grandma starts me off by introducing me to God,
but instead of 'it' being easy, LIFE seemed hard!
Contradiction arises, I start to question a few things, like if I'm a child of The Creator, why does fear seems attached to my last name?
 Why are there setbacks, chaos in my world?
Why was life so difficult when I was a little girl?
Why did those men and women snatch pieces of my body
those lonely nights with no one beside me?
Where was The Creator when my mom left and my dad was hardly around?
Why is it that I can remember frowns but could barely remember smiles!
Why does doors close one by one?
Why are the schools always calling about my sons?
Why do the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor?
Why when I get my paychecks, I always need more?
 I see the sun shining, but it seems so far away,
then I hear the firmness of my grandmother's voice in my ear saying, "Baby, just pray"!
So I do, but not for one day, weeks, months, turned to years.
The Creator begin to pull me from places here to there!
Books, quotes, people, intuition, fasting, praying, I was on a mission!
 My body fought, but my Soul fought harder!
So many things tried to keep me from my father.
But, then this FORCE that I've never felt before,
 gently guided me to each one of those closed doors.
 And as I opened each I soon discovered why,
so much hardship was placed upon my life!
They, the obstacles were not there to stop me or hurt me
but have me be the person God needed me to be!
I had no time for shame, guilt, nor pride,
and with the help of the Creator, I put all those things behind!
Realizing that this LIFE was never about me,
rather a bigger purpose called, My Destiny!

Peace & Positivity!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sipping Tea with The Creator!

Happy Thursday SS4YL!

I am so pumped right now! I have been so open lately, I feel like The Creator and I are sipping tea!

Ever since this past Tuesday I have been on a high, like never before. I am feeling SO good because a lot of things I have secretly asked the Creator for and had questions about, God answered immediately!

So, I feel this Force pushing me to go to my church's summer celebration that we have outside, in the community every third Tuesday during the summer. I invite my entire household to attend and they accept! We get there and here it comes, vibes, negativity, BUT nothing was going to stop God's message this time!

As the fest started, I begin to feel this overwhelming feeling of joy, peace, and safety so I just went with. I'm glad I did! We had a praise fest on Cherry Hill Road that day, the atmosphere was definitely set and it felt wonderful! Towards the end, my Pastor, led by the Holy Spirit, called me to him to 'lay hands on me'! Before I go any further I would like to mention that I am a true believer of the Creator's power, I can feel the vibes and enjoy the flow, The Creator warned me that when my Pastor pulls me out and lay hands on me, I would know that the time has come to fulfill all promises; that is what happened Tuesday, my Pastor called my name!

Everything he told me was going to happen in my life, The Creator had been telling me during our 'sips', but I guess I needed to hear it from another trusted person's mouth so that I could be sure! How awesome! And as if confirming the word was not enough, the church blessed me with a financial blessing not knowing that I had secretly asked God for such right before my family and I were on our way to the celebration!

 I have never asked the church for anything. They have no idea of my financial struggle. They were solely being obedient to Our Creator and for that I will always trust such a place! The next day the Blessings continued to come in! The Creator continues to hear my voice! This journey was not in vain! God hears me through everything and that is what I am grateful for the most! The Creator told me to believe and allow my lower life  to die so that my higher life can live! I am almost there......

Peace & Positivity!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Help.....Life, is trying to tell me something.....AGAIN!

Hey SS4YL,

Happy Monday!

 I am just going to get right to the point, Life has got me scratching my head and grinding my teeth again! I mean I try and try to understand this thing called life, but the more I think I gain the more I think I lose! I get SO amped up on life, feeling good, living free and then BOOM, here comes that dam gray cloud, like 'girllll you better calm down, what you happy fo"! And then, everything turns the opposite!

I try to stay positive! I try to grow! I try to learn! I try to stay present! But, what's a girl to do, when she has tried everything, supported everybody, crossed every T, dotted every I, and still I remain in this same place! I am stuck, BUT as I type I hear a voice saying, that EVERYTHING will be alright! I choose to believe!

Therefore, I will stop the message of madness and end with this.....When Life get us down, instead of bowing down, turn that thing around! Get up, shake it off, engage in worship, sing a song! Do WHATEVER we have to do, to keep us focus so we may pull through!

Peace & Positivity!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Happy Wednesday SS4YL......I hope it is a GREAT one so far! I wrote a poem that I would like to share with you called, "Life"!

This 'thing' called Life one person can not explain, however I do know that joy, hurt, love, and pain is all attached to ones' name! Each creeps in our lives when we least expect and the mystery of it all sometimes leaves wonder and regret.

We say to ourselves does the bad outweigh the good? What's the point if we are misunderstood? Why bother, why seek, why ask, why speak! Is there a point when life keeps knocking us down and all the vexation is being masked by a smile! So many deaths, So many births, it's like mother nature is trying to replenish the earth!

 But, who's in the lead, who is winning? That's when we reflect back on our lives, get a grip, and start to pay attention! EVERYTHING happens for a reason, but the cliche of them brings little notice to the approaching seasons! So when the joy comes it may get over-looked, and when the fear approaches gently it may get shooked! And then there's that love with all its disguise, leaving so much aftermath, effecting so many lives! Ohh the hurt, Ohh the pain, what's a person to do? We get up again!!!!

 WE get up, we find our way, with the help of God ( The Creator, Buddha, Most-High, Jehovah, or whatever you choose to call it) and we make it to another day! But TRUST nothing heals until we take the time to pray! Soooo, lose control, let go, put your guards down and become vulnerable!

Peace & Positivity,


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Sunday SS4YL!

I am SO happy to be here! Today, I have learned a lot or should I say confirmed a lot! It's like ever since I have been on this spiritual journey, the world seems more clear to me now! I get messages from the Creator and then go to church and hear my Pastor speak those same words I've heard, from God, as clear as the sky! Amazing! As if that's not amazing enough, I come home and turn on the Oprah Winfrey Network and it's like a continuation of the sermon and all the messages God wants me to hear! Unbelievable!

As I begin to open myself up more and more to God, our Creator, I soon discover that God is REALLY on my side and wants nothing but the best for me! So instead of me fighting my destiny today, I choose to be thankful for my destiny! I accept it with great honor!

Peace & Positivity!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Been gone for a minute, but I'm back, with the 'Jump Off'! ;))))))

Hey Young World,

I have been gone for a minute trying to find me! I thought I could save the world, but what I was really seeking is help for myself! Since I've been gone, I have learned SO much about ME! Trust me my sistas' this journey has not been easy! While learning about me, I've discovered that I have to, I MUST love myself! If I love myself, first, then and only then will I be able to love and receive love! I did it! GOD help me do it! I prayed, meditated, researched, went to church, and most importantly, kept the faith!

So I say to you, Young World, if I, a once lonely, low self-esteem, lost, young lady can do it, so can you! It does not matter where you come from or where you are in life right now, know that "you are somebody because God don't make no junk"!

 God has a plan for each and everyone of our lives and we ALL are suppose to be here, on earth, to serve our purpose! Young World, Go SERVE!

Peace and Positivity!