Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Can't let the day go by,
 without declaring to the Most High,
at my highest hype...
TODAY IS A GOOD DAY...and afternoon and night
ALL is alright!
Where EVERY thing goes my way.
I hear the sweet sounds of the birds 'sing'
I see the Sun shine,
the trees blow,
the beauty and awe that glare through my windows!
Ode to Beautiful days,
peaceful plays
Present moments
Pleasant  aromas!
Joy, Laughter, Love, Wonderful Family and Friends,
And the most soothing SERENE within!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Social Issues Plaguing Our Communities....'what we gonna do'?

As I look at the Urban Community and the image 'it' has and the judgments placed upon, I can not help but to ask the question why? Why, for so long have the poor African America communities been ignored, judged, and shamed? How did a people who was once so close and united now separated and divided?
In my opinion, the lack of knowledge and education? I am not talking about the k-12 education we receive in school, rather the education about LIFE! How to live It, live in a world where because of the color of your skin, you are told to 'work harder', ' behave better', 'abandon your dream and go help others build and live theirs'! What about the importance of self-esteem and confidence or believing in the 'fire' within, even when it seems invasive to others? What ever happened to the family values where a last name carried honor? Where is the love from the elders to the youth who was raised (unknowingly) by immature, people/parents who did not understand the importance of goals, self-respect, healthy hygiene, an expanded vocabulary? I search for fathers in the urban communities who are bold enough to 'stick' around even though their father did not! Where are the home-cooked meals from the grandmothers on Sundays along with her guided wisdom? Where are the aunts and uncles with their love and support? Where are the brother, sister, cousin bonds? Where are the talks about past mistakes, wrong turns, victories and triumphs? Where is the positive language? Where are the positive reinforcements? Where is the positive education about money? Where are the leaders who were 'called' to lead? Where are the churches and their authentic acceptance? Where are the neighbors who help walk the kids to school or help with homework or give a meal, when no ones watching?
The recreation centers are closing! The schools are closing or passing students along! The middle-class are leaving! The Koreans are getting richer! The drugs are a decoy! The liquor stores are plenty! The kids are screaming...dying, crying, fighting fuckin, sucking, drugging! LOST! The education system is teaching them NOTHING that resonates with their souls! The education does not apply to a person who's sole purpose is to survive! The system is not solely responsible to do so, either, it takes 'two, baby'!
The children are the ones 'igniting the fire'...The African American Community have the ability within to make it a 'blaze of glory' or a 'wildfire'!
May God bless us all!

-Nakia 😉