Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Uprising of the Female (collection, part 2)

Here ye, here ye.....
Where my girls at, them boss chicks,
do whatever it takes at any cost chicks...
if a dude slip up she up and dips
and if a girl try to buck she ain't got time for it!
who stay on the grind,
working her 9 to 5,
just to stay alive
and keep the bills in line!

Calling all my ladies who go to school,
because you know its cool not to be a fool...
got them long nights, them long days,
sacrificing them parties just to make them grades,
doing what ever you got to do just to make a way...heyyy...I see brighter days!

Have you seen my grown women who gets it done,
no time for petty fun,
always on the run.
Hair 'slayed'
Face, ' beat '
Nails, 'flawless'
Appearance, 'on fleek'
got the men crawling & chasing just to get a sneak peek....
Heyyyy....where they at?!

Je'vah! 😉