Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear America....

Dear America,
I know you are probably wondering what the heck is going on..and so am I?! I often sit and wonder how we, as a country, as a people will move on! We have forgotten the 'creed' in which we are to live by! This is the country of the home, the brave, the free...lately it seems as if THIS is the country of the 'elite'!

Class and/or color seems like the only thing that matters! If u are rich you are the ish...if you are poor...get out my store! We have forgotten that we are all one and there is no victory for one until their are victories for others! Life will not be sweet, no one will really have a good night's sleep!
This country have become weak...There is no fresh baked apple pies, no one can run from the lies...the truth is being shown, NO ONE is entitled to the throne! The children are dying, politicians keep lying! The media is raising the babies, technology driving ppl crazy, slaved to the ego....everything we say, do, feel we must show...glow...get our followers to grow....taking pics brag & boast...exposing kids because of our stunted growth....arrested developments, never stepping out of our element...too afraid to be alone, to really mature to become full grown...pass on something other than slow to speak and quick to hear!
 What the heck is going on here...America is not the same...everybody point fingers to blame! No one wants to see the truth or deal with what is wrong with you!

Dear America,
where are the apple pies, the white picket fences, the baseball games...gone with the wind because of that separation 'thing' again! We try to help others when we are dwindling in hell, we try to 'free' other people when we haven't freed ourselves!
Class, color, race, power struggles, paper chase is all that seems to matter...even the Leaders have taken at a grab at it...the Ego and boy does it show! It's more powerful then LOVE...unity, community, and the saddest of all, The Most High... we believe money and power is the ONLY way to get by....but somehow I know that is a lie!
Bye , Bye Ms. American pie...please have mercy on us when you are finally fed up and rise!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reality T.V...showing OUR reality...The Good, Bad, & Ugly!

So, I am watching VH1's ' new show, "Sorority Sisters", preceding my guilty pleasure show, "Love & Hip Hop" and my first reaction was to turn the channel, but the inner nudging persuaded me to watch so I did! The reason I did not want to watch at first is because I felt like "ugh, ANOTHER reality show depicting our culture in a way that clearly we would be embarrassed by"! And as I suspected so it was!

The women on their were very dysfunctional and immature. The level of maturity were unbearable, I could not believe it. I thought, how old are these women? After watching for relentlessly minutes I noticed how angry, back biting and desperate for attention they were, I immediately became pissed! I tried to calm the emotion, besides these women were not me, so why should I care! I already knew what they, sorority sisters were all about. I had experience many of them along my way. Most of them, in my opinion were very separated from reality of our people. I felt that they did not understand the poor black person or should I say forgot. I also learned that most of them come from poor backgrounds as well and have managed to receive an education, bond with 'sistas' and support and build wonderful and successful businesses! Somehow along the way, I felt they forgot where they came from. And although I am not saying that these women should not be proud of their accomplishments I am saying that as a black person who have reached levels of success could maybe 'show the way' not throw charity around!

 Growing up in a poor urban community myself, I understand the need for the community as well as others, however I understand more than others how it feels to have to 'ask' or 'need' something, the poor community is very proud! Proud not because we think we are too good to beg, but proud because we know how to make 'it' work, so when people come in that may look like us but do not sound like us, the guard completely goes up. It goes up because immediately following the voice comes the judgement..."oh poor little black child, let me help you but not teach you so you may grow" or better yet "let me show how to act in public, so we may prove to 'them' we have good manners"! I've watched the distance held between the 'sisters' and the poor black and it is a pretty big gap! Even though the gap is wide within our own culture, the prejudice is not! In the finest moment's the display will be shown! To a prejudice person in a position to 'be' prejudice will only and always see color and that is undeniable! Therefore I often wondered what was the point of the gap. I mean, we are more alike than or poor. We all have some experience to bring. The experience may not be the same but its the individuals experience and respect and openness is all that is required!

"The dark always comes to light", my grandmother would always say. I guess we can not desegregate for too much longer! The truth is being told, rich or poor... whether its "Real Housewives of Atlanta", "Love & Hip Hop" or "Sorority Sisters" it is all clear, the Black Community is in trouble! And not because of 'The Man' we simply forgot that WE are one and their is no victory until we ALL have by one...I mean REALLY what are we really fighting for?!

Peace & Blessings!