Monday, December 22, 2014

Dear America....

Dear America,
I know you are probably wondering what the heck is going on..and so am I?! I often sit and wonder how we, as a country, as a people will move on! We have forgotten the 'creed' in which we are to live by! This is the country of the home, the brave, the free...lately it seems as if THIS is the country of the 'elite'!

Class and/or color seems like the only thing that matters! If u are rich you are the ish...if you are poor...get out my store! We have forgotten that we are all one and there is no victory for one until their are victories for others! Life will not be sweet, no one will really have a good night's sleep!
This country have become weak...There is no fresh baked apple pies, no one can run from the lies...the truth is being shown, NO ONE is entitled to the throne! The children are dying, politicians keep lying! The media is raising the babies, technology driving ppl crazy, slaved to the ego....everything we say, do, feel we must show...glow...get our followers to grow....taking pics brag & boast...exposing kids because of our stunted growth....arrested developments, never stepping out of our element...too afraid to be alone, to really mature to become full grown...pass on something other than slow to speak and quick to hear!
 What the heck is going on here...America is not the same...everybody point fingers to blame! No one wants to see the truth or deal with what is wrong with you!

Dear America,
where are the apple pies, the white picket fences, the baseball games...gone with the wind because of that separation 'thing' again! We try to help others when we are dwindling in hell, we try to 'free' other people when we haven't freed ourselves!
Class, color, race, power struggles, paper chase is all that seems to matter...even the Leaders have taken at a grab at it...the Ego and boy does it show! It's more powerful then LOVE...unity, community, and the saddest of all, The Most High... we believe money and power is the ONLY way to get by....but somehow I know that is a lie!
Bye , Bye Ms. American pie...please have mercy on us when you are finally fed up and rise!


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