Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dear Parents!

Dear Parents,

Remember when we were working our 9 to 5,
long hours, overtime, BC we were the 'sole' person to provide!
Coming home tired, frustrated, aggrevated,
needing an outlet to get thru all the crazi-ness!
Looking for LOVE in ALL the wrong places,
clubs, bars, churches, strange faces!
Daddy's gone,
momma left to raise child on her own!
Holidays, 'true meaning' start to phase
NOW, its Only about what you gave...
fulfilling EVERY crave, just to pass the days!
Clothes with brand names,
however, children can barley spell their name!
Schools keep calling
Children running the hall AND
Can't keep still, SO give 'em a pill
that will help them deal...
And US too!
Well, NOW....I introduce those kids to YOU!


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