Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bright(er) Days!

I know like I know, my Blessings are on the way
I don't care what anybody say...
I feel 'IT' coming every day...better days,
peaceful plays,
sunshine and rainbows and 'fresh' wind blowing my way...
Oh Happy Days...
when the sky opens up
pour the blessings to overflow my cup,
more and more, I just can't get enough...of the
'Right Stuff'
to get it done
connect with my soul and most importantly
'The One'
The Creator,
The One who provides,
always by my side...
the perfect 'Guide',
the Food for my Soul...
The Great, which makes me whole...
loves me soo...
allows me to grow...
'Faith' is my tight hold...
The One, I won't let go!
because it has been with me through
the good,
the bad,
the happy,
the sad,
the UPS,
the downs,
the smiles,
the frowns...
stuck around,
planted my feet firmly on the ground...
keeps me in the Now..
the present,
so that I may be,
 The Best 'at the moment' that resides in me...
Oh, if the world could only 'see',
what I feel,
what I know,
that my 'Faith' is opening many doors and windows...
And closing many too.........

just enough for the Blessings to pour through!

Je'Vah 😉

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