Friday, July 31, 2015

The Uprising of the Female! (collection)

Get back, chill back
The Female energy is here and it is all that!
Got to get in the game,
forget fortune and fame,
that sure will come, but chasing 'it' is lame!
I sat back, observe 'ish'
watch 'The Game' reject the chicks,
I'm like saying to myself, "what's wrong with this"?
There is more to US than butts and titts!
Now, I'm not saying that there is something wrong with it,
But, I am sayin respect US ahora and quick!
While you sitting in the 'pin' during your 'bit'
we are out holding it down, keeping things legit!
We hurt too,
Bleed too,
hustle hard,
and watch things fall through!
However, we keep going,
no emotions showing...
with the world on our backs and nobody knowing!
We have to smile, stay pretty,
close our mouths and 'get busy'...
well let me tell you 'mister' that ish's not for me...
or the new breed...

'we're awakening now'! #new energy! 😉


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