Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Happy Wednesday SS4YL......I hope it is a GREAT one so far! I wrote a poem that I would like to share with you called, "Life"!

This 'thing' called Life one person can not explain, however I do know that joy, hurt, love, and pain is all attached to ones' name! Each creeps in our lives when we least expect and the mystery of it all sometimes leaves wonder and regret.

We say to ourselves does the bad outweigh the good? What's the point if we are misunderstood? Why bother, why seek, why ask, why speak! Is there a point when life keeps knocking us down and all the vexation is being masked by a smile! So many deaths, So many births, it's like mother nature is trying to replenish the earth!

 But, who's in the lead, who is winning? That's when we reflect back on our lives, get a grip, and start to pay attention! EVERYTHING happens for a reason, but the cliche of them brings little notice to the approaching seasons! So when the joy comes it may get over-looked, and when the fear approaches gently it may get shooked! And then there's that love with all its disguise, leaving so much aftermath, effecting so many lives! Ohh the hurt, Ohh the pain, what's a person to do? We get up again!!!!

 WE get up, we find our way, with the help of God ( The Creator, Buddha, Most-High, Jehovah, or whatever you choose to call it) and we make it to another day! But TRUST nothing heals until we take the time to pray! Soooo, lose control, let go, put your guards down and become vulnerable!

Peace & Positivity,


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