Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sipping Tea with The Creator!

Happy Thursday SS4YL!

I am so pumped right now! I have been so open lately, I feel like The Creator and I are sipping tea!

Ever since this past Tuesday I have been on a high, like never before. I am feeling SO good because a lot of things I have secretly asked the Creator for and had questions about, God answered immediately!

So, I feel this Force pushing me to go to my church's summer celebration that we have outside, in the community every third Tuesday during the summer. I invite my entire household to attend and they accept! We get there and here it comes, vibes, negativity, BUT nothing was going to stop God's message this time!

As the fest started, I begin to feel this overwhelming feeling of joy, peace, and safety so I just went with. I'm glad I did! We had a praise fest on Cherry Hill Road that day, the atmosphere was definitely set and it felt wonderful! Towards the end, my Pastor, led by the Holy Spirit, called me to him to 'lay hands on me'! Before I go any further I would like to mention that I am a true believer of the Creator's power, I can feel the vibes and enjoy the flow, The Creator warned me that when my Pastor pulls me out and lay hands on me, I would know that the time has come to fulfill all promises; that is what happened Tuesday, my Pastor called my name!

Everything he told me was going to happen in my life, The Creator had been telling me during our 'sips', but I guess I needed to hear it from another trusted person's mouth so that I could be sure! How awesome! And as if confirming the word was not enough, the church blessed me with a financial blessing not knowing that I had secretly asked God for such right before my family and I were on our way to the celebration!

 I have never asked the church for anything. They have no idea of my financial struggle. They were solely being obedient to Our Creator and for that I will always trust such a place! The next day the Blessings continued to come in! The Creator continues to hear my voice! This journey was not in vain! God hears me through everything and that is what I am grateful for the most! The Creator told me to believe and allow my lower life  to die so that my higher life can live! I am almost there......

Peace & Positivity!


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